AV Micro Switches


Range from 10Ato 21A, abundant of kinds styles are all i n readi ness.
Conform to the demands which long-time Operation of SNAP Acllon Organize.
Has two shells wilh the characters of plasticity and hot-hardening.
Can be used 10 Ihe way of shut 0ff the electric curent when the dooropen orclosed.

Rated number


The Processing In stallment hole Methods

Please use the M3 Screw and CUp mouth Gasket and the spring Gasket shouid be lnslalled firmIy, and please Iock lightly.at the range from 0.39-0.59N.m{4-6kgf.cm}

Matlers needing attentlon

1 Please do notfall when opened or closed,for it belong to low load switch. Feared that causes the Oamages 01 inside.
2 Attaches the Special moving axis,when it is Installed,10rbid putting the weight in Special moving axis.
3 Do not use when the temperature is high.